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A brand new OrgaNice centre was created for your special benefit. Every little detail here is made specially for your comfort, so that you could feel yourself like at home. Building your business is way more pleasant and easy in the new OrgaNice centre — fellows, professional staff and friendly people surround you here. We do everything to make your business blossom, because — Your goal is our goal!

We Are

Best Location

Center is located is specialy selected city area and neighborhood

Simple Delivery

Take your products in the center

Friendly Team

Trained and motivated employees is your daily support

Newest Equipment

iPads, MacBooks, 3D projector, wall screens – work comfortab

Comfortable Meetings

One big conference room up to 35 people and comfortable area for face-to-face meetings

Special Interior

Interior design is thought out to the smallest details

The new OrgaNice center is located in a carefully selected location in accordance with demographic overview, main flow of traffic, as well as foot traffic zones and good public transportation. Neighbouring businesses correspond to our level – you will not find any cheap shops around. There is enough of parking space and the district is safe and respective. We also made sure the new OrgaNice center is easily seen – our branded sign is visible from 3 different angles within the area.


Meeting is the most effective thing when it comes to business. During them you collect contacts, present products and seal the deals. The new OrgaNice centre has everything you need to make appointments with clients and conduct successful meetings.

You can book time for your organized meetings online, or follow the schedule of the events you are interested in.

Event description
How to be successful in MLM
What you will hear:
So what is the real picture of MLMs? Can you actually make money doing it? How much time and money is involved? What is the actual likelihood of MLM success?

Your Center

Requirements for opening an Organice Center in your city.

Would you like to have an Organice Center in your city? It is all up to you now! Are there at least 1000 active distributors in your region, district or city? If so, then a new center can be established there! We really care about your business and its prosperity, so we do everything we can to support and motivate you to keep going!


1. OrgaNice center in Nizhnij Novgord

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